Leonardo Manzari

There are some  considerations,  we Italians (and maybe not just Italians?) could draw (and not forget after the end of this nightmare) from the dramatic experience the country is living:

・ Solidarity, not just the financial one, is not a common EU value.

It is sad to discover, that the meaning of the EU construction process has not been fully perceived by all member countries/populations, including those ones who have mostly benefitted from this cohesion over decades.

European construction path was designed first of all to avoid another war in the continent, and the European institutions have been an extraordinary (and also expensive) tool to achieve such a goal.

The German re-unification would have become impossible, without the EU cohesion and the strong financial support of the EU institutions (not to remind the international treaty in 1953, for the reduction by 50% of war damages due by Germany to 21 countries, with Greece and Italy among those ones. Allowance further renewed – with Italy and Greece on top of the list – in 1990 to avoid another bankrupt to Germany…).

In the same way, the EU enlargement towards Eastern Europe, with its the generous inclusiveness has granted veto power to new EU member countries and national communities who do not feel the spirit of a real European Union.

The European public opinion has never started a debate over responibilities of EU institutions about the financial crisis in Greece and for the Brexit, preferring to consider both events as a result of national responibilities…

Some reforms in the whole EU architecture and adhesion process are urgent, if EU wants to recover its credibility and compete with the most powerful political and economic regional/global blocks.

The solidarity actions promoted by the Chinese leadership towards Italy cannot mitigate the proportion of the tragedy, that the whole world is living, for a virus whose knowledge, diffusion and figures have been hidden or minimized for months, by China.

The loss of a relative is something which remains in our lives forever. Up today, just in Italy more than 10,000 persons have died…

Plus the economic and financial immense damage… Is the EU, alone or together with other regional blocks, going to ask for refund to China for this gift?

Is the EU, alone or together with other regional blocks, going to ban imports from China, unless the Asian giant accepts to refund the economic and financial damages?

・In EU it is necessary the exclusion of healthcare, defense, civil protection, education from any measure of state budget reduction and fiscal discipline in the future.

Level of expenses (tresholds) in these fields should be regulated by country indicators, considering demography, distribution of wealth, level of income, etc.

Appropriate algorithm should be agreed among EU Member States;

・Re-calibration of the balance between competence of Italian regional and national governments, in favour of a higher centralized power for some topics;

・For students who have chosen dedicated study-paths, elimination of “State exams” after completion of the full university degree, to enable the exercise of a professional activity (medical, chartered accountant, lawyer, notary, magistrate, etc.).  Such abilitation should be included in the achievement of the university degree, with specific specialization, itself.

・Introduction of mandatory 2 to 3 years “civil service” for all citizens, to be employed according to their skills (in “moderate” payroll) in State or public institutions, ministries, bodies, authorities, organisations, activities. This experience, with subsequent certification, should be certified in a “national CV”.


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