Striving to be objective about Turkey

By Leonardo Manzari


The representation (currently “on air” on most part of Western medias) of the Turkish military campaign, as targeting the Kurdish minority, is a misrepresentation of a security operation aimed at stopping the terrorist activities of PKK and other related organizations, who want to destabilize south-eastern Turkey.

Knowing Turkey means being aware of its multi-ethnic composition and that almost 18-20% of its population is Kurdish or Kurdish related.

How could the Turkish leadership undertake such an unpopular move, in its interior politics?

It is evident that the situation has nothing to do with the “ethnic factor” at all.

Indeed this operation is supported by internal public opinion, in almost all its ethnic composition, just like in Israel same operations are supported, when aimed at securing local communities living not far from Gaza.


Turkey, which cannot count on EU understanding of the situation in the region (otherwise we would not have seen the escalation of the latest 30 years), has tackled until now the risk of loosing part of its south-eastern territories (in favour of a Kurdish ethnic state). This risk was fostered by the many goals and interests active during the Syrian war, not always under control of their same actors.

Notwithstanding its strategic and political mistakes in these recent years, the Turkish leadership has been able till now to minimize such risk, but not yet to avoid this eventuality.

International public opinion, and more dangerously many political leaders across the world, seem to forget the nightmare that the artificial constitution of ethnic states has till now represented, bringing instability and crime-related States in entire regions (see the Balkans after the civil war in Yugoslavia).

And Turkey is exactly afraid that the superficiality of the international public opinion, just like the misrepresentation shown by medias, could pave the way towards such an unacceptable scenario.